Famous Fried Green Tomatoes





2 Large Bowls

Large Frying Pan




4 Fresh Green Tomatoes (medium sliced)

4 cups Flour

3 cups Corn Meal

1 to 2 cups of Vegetable Oil




Heat vegetable oil over medium-high heat in large frying pan.




1. Slice tomatoes into medium size round slices. 2. Pour cups of flour in one bowl, and cups of corn meal into another. 3. Rinse tomatoes under tepid water and place into bowl of flour. 4. Lightly rinse under water again and dredge in corn meal. 5. Place in frying pan full of oil and let fry on each side for five minutes or until golden brown. 6. Lightly season with salt and pepper, and serve hot. 7. Enjoy!

The Original Green Acres Cafe.


Once a dream by founder William J. Gratton, it became a reality in the late summer of 1949, after a trip to Chicago, Illinois infleuenced the name. Green Acres is a place where family's can experience simple southern nostalgia that we all love so much. Come eat with us and become part of our family, where you will enjoy some of the souths finest staples; Southern fried chicken, green tomatoes, and much more. We'll be waiting on you!


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